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LiveData VS. SharedFlow and StateFlow in MVVM and MVI Architecture

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Last year kotlinx.coroutines library introduced two new Flow types, SharedFlow and StateFlow, which also have their mutable types – MutableSharedFlow and MutableStateFlow.

Android community started wondering… Which one should I use now? LiveData or the new types? Is LiveData deprecated now?

Let’s answer all of the questions.

Android ListView VS. RecyclerView

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Scrollable list is one of the most common feature in modern mobile apps. In Android we have two popular ways to achieve this. We can use either ListView or RecyclerView. Do you know exactly how they work and which one should you choose for your projects? Maybe you’re struggling with understanding when to use each of them. Let me help you with that. This article is gonna cover all of these questions and even more!

Easy UI And Screenshot testing on Android

Every good Android application should be well tested to minimize the risk of error after releasing it to the world. The most basic tests for any application are Unit Tests. You must write them to ensure that a particular part of the code is working.